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About Ta Vie



At Ta Vie, we begin our journey around

The magic starts with our name. Ta Vie 旅 means “Your Life” in French. We hope that our restaurant can be a pit stop where our guests meet and cross paths and interact with each other before they continue their journey ahead.

In Japanese, our name means ‘journey’. As a restaurant, we invite you to a journey of discovery, as your experience here explores the endless possibilities and range brought by Asian ingredients and products. Let us indulge you in this magical journey, as you unearth the wonder of Asia through our menu.

“Pure, Simple and Seasonal”

Just Three simple words outline our culinary philosophy.

We believe that only pure taste and flavours of ingredients make the strongest impression in anyone of us. At Ta Vie 旅, we allow the ingredients to shine through our menu, accentuating their purity and original flavours through simple cooking, seasoning and presentation.

Experience the power these ingredients bring at their prime during peak season, as a form of respect and connection to Mother Nature with a tribute to seasonality.


“Back to the taste”

“Now is the time to return to Taste”

Restaurants offer creative takes, new interpretations, molecular techniques, unique combinations and interesting presentations. We wonder if guests are satisfied with these? And only these? For us at Ta Vie 旅, nothing is more important than the taste of food, all other elements are, and should be secondary to that. This is our beginning, and our goal for now, and ever.